Exercise Unified Response

Exercise Unified Response

Exercise Unified Response (EUR) was one of the largest, live, major incident exercises ever held. It took place between 29 February and 3 March 2016 and involved a simulated building collapse above a major railway interchange. Thousand of casualty volunteers, emergency responders from across the UK and Europe as well as numerous agencies such as local authorities, Transport for London, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army took part. Further information on the event can be found at the London Fire Brigade's EUR page (www.london-fire.gov.uk/exercise-unified-response.asp).

It is rare to be able to hold training events involving the breadth of participants that attended EUR, but there are numerous lessons that can be learned from multi-agency exercises, whether they be small scale table top exercises or large scale, live simulations.

This article from the April 2016 edition of Emergency Services Times(www.emergencyservicestimes.com) discusses EUR and the lessons learned.

This link (credit given to the Daily Telegraph) provides a synopsis and video: Tower-block-collapses-into-underground-station-in-Europes-biggest-disaster-training-exercise.html